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Ground Sumac is a beautiful burgandy powder that has a coarse texture with a fruity and fresh aroma. 

The flavor of sumac is salty, tangy and sour; it complements chicken, fish, salads, sauces and soups. 

If you love lemon squeezed on top of some of your dishes, try sumac in its place.  The flavor of  Sumac is not as bitter or acidic as Lemon, in fact it's much milder. 

Sumac is commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking in salads, meats, and drinks.  It is also used as a table-top condiment.

The berries of the sumac tree are among 150 different varieties and there is only one that is used for culinary uses.  Due to this fact, it is wise to only buy sumac in a spice shop or food store. 

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