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Grilling Fruit

Posted 07/01/2016


Believe it or not, you can grill almost any fruit! The trick is to grill them just before they’re fully ripe and to leave them in their peel (if applicable). Some popular fruits for grilling include apples, apricots, bananas, figs, peaches, pears, pineapple, plantains, plums, strawberries, and watermelon.

1. Start off by cutting the fruit and removing all seeds/cores (see below for recommend cuts).
   -Apples, apricots, bananas, figs, peaches, pears, plantains, and plums: Simply cut them in half from top to bottom.
   -Pineapple: Cut horizontally into rings or vertically into long wedges.
   -Strawberries: Grilling these works best when placed on a pair of skewers.
   -Watermelon: Cut into wedges – the rind may be left on or removed.

2. Season your fruit by adding any desired spices. Some spices that pair well with fruit are allspice, cinnamon (Korintje / Indonesian or Vietnamese), clove, ginger, lavender flowers, nutmeg, star anise, and vanilla beans. Also, check out our Baker’s Blend, a cinnamon centric mix containing many of the afore mentioned spices. Adding a bit of balsamic vinegar, brandy, honey, or rum will really enhanced the flavor as well.

3. Lightly spread olive oil or melted butter over the fruit to prevent it from sticking to the grill.

4. Make sure your grill grates are clean – you don’t want to alter the flavor with leftover BBQ sauce.

5. Fruit grills best when using indirect heat, so place it on the grill after the coals being to die out or off to the side.

6. Grill for approximately 10 minutes, turning occasionally. Sugars burn quickly, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on your fruit.

Serve as a side dish with a dab of yogurt, as a dessert with ice cream, or just lightly sprinkled with our flavored sugars. Have fun trying new favor combinations!


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