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Decadent Grilled Cheese

Posted 01/26/2017


Have you ever wanted to turn a grilled cheese sandwich into something unique and memorable? By combining cheese, chocolate, and fruit you can do just that!

This is the sort of treat that has many flavor combinations. Below are just some recommendations, so feel free to customize to suit your tastes.

~The Bread~
A quality sandwich starts with quality bread, so use your favorite! We recommend a good multigrain baguette or sourdough.

~The Cheese~
For the cheese, we want something distinct that'll pair with dark chocolate, but won’t overpower the subtle fruit flavors. Brie or medium white cheddar is ideal, but a creamy blue, gruyere, or mild Swiss won’t disappoint.

~The Chocolate~
This is where Spice & Tea Merchants really makes things interesting! We’re not just using any old chocolate, but unique dark chocolate with complex flavors. Click here and here for our chocolate bar / disc selection – you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose!

Here are some recommendations:
Almond Carmel Bar | Coconut Bar | Raspberry Nib Crunch Bar | Midnight Mocha Bar | 95% Wicked Dark Bar | Chipotle Discs | Cinnamon Discs

~The Fruit~
Raspberries seem to be the crowd favorite, but you can certainly use apricots, blackberries, blueberries, cherries and strawberries. Experiment with different chocolate and fruit combinations to see what excites you!

~Making the Sandwich~
Ingredients (for two sandwiches):
4 Bread Slices
4 Ounces Cheese
2 Ounces Dark Chocolate (broken into pieces)
1/2 Cup Fruit (lightly smashed)
2 TBSP Butter

1. Butter one side of all bread slices (the side you intend to grill).
2. Layer on cheese, smashed fruit, and chocolate pieces (all on unbuttered side). Top with another bread slice.
3. Heat a pan over medium heat and add sandwiches. Toast both sides until golden brown and the cheese and chocolate have melted (about 4 minutes each side).
4. Enjoy!

Tip: Covering the pan during toasting will help melt the cheese and chocolate. Alternatively, if a cover isn’t available, reduce the heat to low and continue heating until the cheese and chocolate have melted.

Editor’s Note: I tried this recipe using sourdough, gruyere cheese, raspberries, and our dark chocolate almond caramel bar. Absolutely divine! For a sweeter treat, try this with a drizzle of honey. Or if savory is more to your tastes, the addition of caramelized onions takes the flavors in a totally different direction.

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