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Making a Better Burger

Posted 08/21/2016


The burger is an iconic American food, and we Americans eat about 50 billion annually. That’s a lot of burgers! Though, is there a way to improve this classic, so we’re eating quality ones at home? Absolutely! Here are some tips for making a better burger.

The Patty
The most critical element of any good burger is the beef patty. As such, the freshness and quality of the beef is paramount. If you have access to a quality butcher, ask if they’ll freshly grind the meat for you. Ground chuck is preferred, as it usually has a ratio of 80% meat to 20% fat – making for a juicy burger without being excessively fatty.

When forming the patty, the less you handle the meat, the tenderer it’ll be – overworking the meat just makes it tough. Another recommendation is to put an indentation in the center – roughly the size of your thumb. This causes the burger to stay flat while cooking, rather than forming a dome in the middle.

During cooking, don’t squish the patties, as this only drives out the juices. Use your spatula for flipping, not compressing. Speaking of flipping, feel free to flip as often as you’d like, the idea that you can “over-flip” a burger is just a myth.

Here’s a quick temperature guide for your burgers:
120F: Rare | 130F: Medium-Rare | 140F: Medium | 150F: Medium-Well | 160F: Well Done

The Seasoning
If you’re using quality beef, then you should be using quality seasonings to bring your burger to its full potential! Be sure to season after making the patties, and only minutes before being placed on the grill. If you season too early the salt will break down proteins, which draws out moisture and creates an undesirable texture. Below are five seasonings Spice & Tea Merchants offers for your perfect burger!

Butcher’s Rub – A traditional blend with herbal and peppery flavors
Coffee BBQ – Coffee tenderizes meat but cooks out, leaving a sweet but complex BBQ flavor
Korean BBQ – A spicy teriyaki profile, with sesame notes
Raspberry Chipotle – Slightly smoky, a bit spicy, and has a sweet raspberry twist
Saugatuck Steak – Paprika based with a peppery profile and hint of Worcheshire

The above should get you started, but is by no means an exhaustive list. You can click here to view all of our blends – check them out and experiment with something outside the box!

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