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Black Truffle Salt is Back!

After an unfortunate delay our Black Truffle Sea Salt is back in stock. Sorry for the wait, your favorite addiction for popcorn, meats, potatoes and everything you can imagine is back.

IMAGINE...A time, nearly a thousand years ago when adventurers scoured the Earth looking for the finest SPICES and TEAS attainable. Wars were fought for control of the spice routes; great fortunes were established; and the way that people cooked and ate was changed forever. Spices, with their mysterious and exotic origins, enhanced the flavor of foods and embellished the social standing of those who could afford them. Tea, once hidden away in the closed kingdom of Imperial China, was now available, sought after, and touted [even now!] for its medicinal value.


IMAGINE...the dusky golden glow of Turmeric; the sweet sensuality of red Hungarian Paprika; the sharp, vibrant aroma of Vietnamese Cinnamon. At Spice Merchants, you will find Himalayan Sea Salt, tinted pink with mountain minerals, imbued with the history of Asia's highest peaks. And from the Mexican harvest, Jalapeno peppers, smoked and ground, producing the bold flavor of Chipotle. At Spice Merchants you will find Madagascar Vanilla Beans, plucked from vines growing along the coast of the Indian Ocean, and enjoy the ease and full flavor of Madagascar and Tahitian Vanilla Extracts. The scientific name Theobrama means "food of the Gods". Cocoa beans, which grow on The obrama trees in the foothills of the Andes, are gathered to produce our dark, rich Chocovic Cocoa Power and the pure bite of our Cocoa Nibs.


IMAGINE...a journey through the far reaches of China where Tea leaves, farmed by the same families for generations, steam in your cup. Brew some Chinese Green Tea and enjoy its abundance of antioxidants. Earl Gray, Assam or our Breakfast teas provide you with a bracing morning or mid-afternoon pick-up; you will enjoy our Herbal Teas such as Roobios, Mint or Chamomile to relax both mind and body. No matter your personal preference, our wide selection will be sure to please you.


IMAGINE...the perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, or just to say "Thank You". We suggest that you consider one of our many spice or tea gift boxes. Not quite right? We will happily work with you to create your own custom selection. Other great gift ideas to consider: Spice Racks, Tea Infusers, Salt Cellars, and our array of Salt & Pepper Grinders.


Like those ancient explorers many years ago, Spice Merchants combs the world for the freshest, highest quality herbs and spices available. We are passionate about what we do. Join us on our journey and enjoy our website.